General Technical Data (GTD)

WinGD’s General Technical Data (GTD) application provides information to plan the layout of WinGD low-speed engines.

Create new projects in three simple steps:

  1. Select an engine from the product portfolio
  2. Define a configuration which meets the vessel requirements
  3. Analyse the resulting performance data and export as a PDF

Start your next engine project by downloading the GTD today.


is available



GTD Application

System requirements: Windows 7 or newer (Win XP no longer supported), Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher.

The latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework can be downloaded here.

We have prepared this data to the best of our knowledge. We cannot assume any liability for unforeseen deviations from its accuracy or for any consequences arising from such deviations.

Release Information - 10.01.2020

  • JCW system changed to uniflow, engines X62DF and X72DF - 13.12.2019

  • New engine X52-S2.0
  • New engine X62-S2.0
  • Engine X82-D designation changed to X82-2.0
  • Engine X40DF designation changed to X40DF-1.0
  • Engine X82DF designation changed to X82DF-1.0
  • Fuel consumption revised for engine X35-B
  • Performance data revised for engine X40-B
  • Performance data revised for engine X82-2.0
  • TC allocation updated for X40-B, X62, X92, X92-B, X92DF
  • Auxiliary blower information updated for X92-B and X92DF
  • Integrated HT cooling circle available for X82-B
  • Crosshead pump capacities updated for X82-2.0 and X82DF-1.0
  • Other minor corrections, improvements and alignments - 03.10.2019

  • Fuel consumption revised for X92-B
  • Performance data revised for X35-B, X62-B and X92-B
  • Steam Production Control available for Dual-Fuel engines (Diesel mode only)
  • Data available for CPP zero pitch operation (flex50, flex58, X62, X72)
  • TC allocations updated for RT-flex50DF, X35-B, X92, X92-B and X92DF
  • Coolant flow changed in HT cooling system for X82DF and X92DF
  • Scavenge air cooler changed for 7X92-B and 10X92-B
  • GTD design changed (colouring)
  • Other minor corrections, improvements and alignments - 26.06.2019

  • Option SCR HP available for 6X52DF and 7X52DF
  • Fuel consumption revised for X62-B
  • Fuel consumption lowered for increased exhaust gas back-pressure
  • Maximum bypass rates adjusted for SCR
  • New TCs MET-MBII series available for Diesel engines
  • New TCs ABB A255 and A260 available for Diesel engines
  • TC assignments updated
  • Low-Pressure SCR with minimum bypass and temperature control available
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 17.04.2019

  • New engine X40DF
  • New rating field for engine X82DF
  • Performance data revised for all DF engines
  • TC allocation updated for 6RT-flex50DF, 6X72DF
  • SAC allocation revised back to B-coolers for engine X72DF
  • Crosshead pump application limitation changed for RT-flex50-D
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 19.03.2019

  • Performance data corrected for combined SCR/SPC mode, engines X72-B, X92, X92-B
  • ISO conversion of bsfc aligned for DF engines, cold conditions only (i.e. air temperature before compressor below 25°C, gas mode only) - 07.03.2019

- Option SCR HP available for X82-D
- SCR LP performance data of X82-D corrected - 06.03.2019

  • New engine X82-D
  • Fuel consumption updated for X72-B
  • SCR HP available for 6X72DF
  • Performance data corrected for RT-flex50-E, Low-Load Tuning
  • Crosshead oil flow and pressures updated
  • Scavenge air coolers updated for X72-B, X72DF, X92-B
  • TC allocations updated for X62-B, 6X62DF, 6X72DF, X92-B
  • Engine outline dimensions updated
  • New options for selecting DF engines fuel oil system
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 20.12.2018

  • Bsfc error corrected for X92-B (lower rating area, all tunings) - 13.12.2018

  • Performance data revised for X92-B
  • TC allocation update for RT-flex50-D
  • TC allocation update for X82-B (MHI)
  • TC allocation update for 11/12X92DF
  • Auxiliary blower information updated
  • Minor bug fixes and adjustments - 05.10.2018

  • Scrubber option available for all Diesel engines
  • SCR HP available for 5X72DF
  • SCR HP available for RT-flex50-E
  • Bsfc corrected in the lower rating area of the RT-flex50-E
  • Performance data revised for X92
  • Ventilation page available for DF engines
  • TC allocation update for RT-flex58T-E
  • TC allocation update for 12X92DF
  • General alignments
  • System requirements changed to .NET framework version 4.5 or higher
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 12.07.2018

  • New engine RT-flex50-E
  • TC assignments revised for all DF engines (except X82DF)
  • TC assignments revised for 7X82-B
  • Updater with extensions to check operating system requirements
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 03.05.2018

  • Pilot oil consumption revised for X92DF
  • SPC combined with SCR available for X62 and X72
  • TC assignments revised for X72DF
  • Bypass rate limitation updated for RT-flex58T-D/-E and X62
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 29.03.2018

  • New engine X92-B
  • Performance data revised for X52DF and X92DF (Gas and Diesel mode)
  • SCR LP available for RT-flex50-D and TC aft end
  • DF gas pressure requirement updated
  • TC assignments revised for X35-B, X62-B, X72-B
  • SAC specifications and assignments revised for X62-B and X72-B
  • SAC specifications and assignments revised for X62DF and X72DF
  • SAC specifications revised for X92DF
  • JCW system revised for X92DF
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 02.02.2018

  • Dual-Fuel performance data revised for all engines
  • Scavenge air cooler thermodynamic layout data available
  • SCR combined with SPC available for Diesel engines
  • Performance data for SCR and SPC revised
  • Arctic pressure control data available (suction air temperatures below 5°C)
  • SAC type updated (W7X82-B, SCR HP)
  • SAC data updated (W-X52DF)
  • TC assignment changed (W7X52DF, MET-MB)
  • Dimensions corrected (W-X92)
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 19.10.2017

  • Engine heat dissipation revised
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 13.09.2017

  • Performance data revised for DF engines in gas mode (ISO correction for non-reference conditions)
  • TC allocation updated for W-X62
  • Printing options extended
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 07.07.2017

  • Fuel consumption changed for W-X82-B, Low-Load Tuning
  • Other minor corrections and improvements - 08.06.2017

  • Erroneous SPC performance data corrected (W-X62-B, W-X72-B) - 07.06.2017

  • TC assignment revised for all Diesel engines
  • Heat dissipation output presentation changed (table without margins)
  • New option Low-Pressure SCR with constant bypass (4%) available
  • Crosshead pumps capacities updated
  • Maximal bypass rate changed for RT-flex50-D, RT-flex50DF
  • Other improvements and general code revisions - 19.04.2017

  • Fuel consumption revised for W-X62-B and W-X72-B - 10.03.2017

  • New engine W-X62-B
  • Engine W-X72 re-established
  • High temperature cooling water flow revised for W-X62DF and W-X72DF
  • Lower limitation for SAC cooling water inlet temperature changed to 10°C - 21.02.2017

  • Urea flow corrected for engine W-X72-B - 15.02.2017

  • Minor bug fixes - 10.02.2017

  • New engine W-X72-B
  • Update of W-X52DF: Rating field extended, TC/SAC assignment changed
  • Cooler SAC-A44-SD updated (7RT-flex50DF)
  • Valve diameter information added (exhaust system, HP SCR)
  • Engine portfolio and options availability updated
  • Other minor corrections and improvements