Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)

Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) is an effective technology for simultaneously cutting exhaust gas emissions and reducing fuel consumption.

High-Efficiency Waste Heat Recovery plants can be installed with WinGD engines of 82 and 92 bore . This enables up to 10% of the main engine shaft power to be recovered as electrical power for use as additional ship propulsion power and for shipboard services. These WHR plants thus cut exhaust gas emissions and deliver fuel savings of up to 10%.

Steam based WHR has already been successfully fitted in several installations to WinGD low-speed marine engines. In the WHR plant, a turbo-generator combines input from a steam turbine and an exhaust gas power turbine to generate electrical power, while steam from the economiser is available for ship service heating. Steam based WHR is recommended for vessels with high installed power.

Diagram of a High-Efficiency Waste Heat Recovery plant typical for large container ships