WinGD Integrated Digital Expert (WiDE) system is a comprehensive, integrated system for creating value from engine and ship data. WiDE allows the collection and analysis of ship and machinery data in order to proactively predict component malfunctions to offer support through live troubleshooting and diagnostic advice to the crew.

WiDE is based on the data collection monitoring (DCM) unit for collecting and visualising the engine and ship data, as well as the Engine Diagnostic System (EDS) software. It analyses the data and creates valuable information.

These capabilities are integrated into a user-friendly, on-board system comprising state-of-the-art hardware, expert software and efficient data analytics techniques.

WinGD Integrated Digital Expert:

  • Reduces unplanned stoppages
  • Saves fuel consumption costs through the engine performance optimiser
  • Provides troubleshooting
  • Extends and predicts Time Between Overhaul of components  
  • Accesses operational support remotely when needed
  • Provides access to virtual training offline and with a  simple click
  • Provides access to spare parts and field services when needed

Download our full WiDE brochure here.

DCM (Data Collection Monitoring)

The Data Collection and Monitoring (DCM) unit collects slow and fast signals from the WinGD main engine and other ship machinery.

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EDS (Engine Diagnostic System)

Engine Diagnostic System is the engine’s digital twin which provides a unique expert engine analysis.

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