The window to engine data visibility is open wide

WinGD’s Integrated Digital Expert (WiDE) system is a comprehensive performance monitoring system that supports crew on vessels and on shore by delivering business-enhancing, actionable insights from engine and ship data.

WiDE’s performance analysis and condition monitoring is based on a tailored digital twin model of the main engine that combines detailed engine configuration and tuning with the specific engine’s factory test and sea trial results. This digital twin is compared to real-time performance to identify differences and highlight opportunities to optimize the main engine operation and offer early warning of potential faults, malfunctions or maintenance requirements.

Key benefits

  • Performance monitoring and optimisation advice tailored specifically for your engine;
  • Predictive troubleshooting minimises sub-optimal running, increases engine availability and streamlines maintenance planning
  • Availability of key performance indicators at shoreside locations speeding up communication and benefitting fleet monitoring
  • Possibility for enhanced remote services supporting crew interventions on board
  • Allows extended real-time engine data sharing to enhance integration with on board energy management and voyage optimisation systems
  • Connected engine performance management and diagnostics pave the path to increase engine operation automation.

WiDE is available by subscription for all new WinGD engines and can be retrofitted to electronically controlled engines already in operation.

Download our full WiDE brochure here.

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