Gas Technology

X-DF engines offer new marine engine standards with low-pressure gas technology. Engineered for efficiency – improving operational control, compliance and costs – with new levels of excellence built in.

X-DF technology requires a simple gas supply system, reducing system complexity and auxiliary power consumption. Since LNG is mixed with the scavenge air before compression, the required gas pressure is maximum 13 bar or lower when operating at lower loads. As a result, the fuel supply system is relatively simple, reliable and well-proven.

The pre-chamber technology and design for the gas admission valve in X-DF engines offers the highest level of combustion stability and reduced emissions, well below IMO Tier III level.

This stability in dual-fuel operation allows for greater load flexibility while improving port-to-port operations and maneuverability at low speeds, ensuring operational control at all times.

X-DF Pilot Injector

When the X-DF engine runs in gas mode a trip to diesel mode is available on request at any engine power; it is instantaneously without any loss of engine power and speed. The trip to diesel mode happens automatically when a safety alarm occurs.

When the X-DF engine runs in diesel mode, transfer to gas mode is available on request at engine powers below 85 % without any loss of power and speed. 

During the changeover procedure from gas to diesel, the cylinder lubricating oil shall be changed from the low BN to the high BN as recommended in the X-DF operating manual.

X-DF Gas Admission Valve