Tribology Fuels & Lubricants

WinGD's 'Pulse Jet' cylinder lubrication system incorporates the latest findings of engine research dealing with slow-steaming and cold corrosion with decades of experience in reliability. 

Very homogeneous lubricant distribution on the cylinder liner surface and the refreshment of the lubricant film by regular injections at minimal lubricant feed rate guarantees to keep operational expenses at the lowest possible level.

Together with WinGD-validated lubricants from a wide variety of suppliers covering a base number (BN) range from 15 to 140 mgKOH/g (according ASTM 2896), Pulse Jet cylinder lubrication is the prerequisite to achieve extended time between overhauls of piston rings and cylinder liners with outstanding reliability and engine availability.

Pulse Jet cylinder lubrication features various technologies to ensure safe lubrication and acid-neutralization for piston rings and the entire cylinder liner running surface:

  • The spray angles of Pulse Jet‘s maintenance-friendly lubricant injection nozzles and the electronically controlled timing of lubricant pump actuation are tailored to achieve highly homogeneous distribution of cylinder lubricant
  • The zig-zag-shaped grooves on several levels in the cylinder liner running surface provide further vertical and horizontal distribution of the freshly injected lubricant in the upper stroke area, where high pressure and temperature of combustion gas requires special attention
  • Each piston ring provides a function with regard to the combustion gas sealing and perfect mixing of fresh lubricant with the existing lubricant film at each and every piston stroke. This suppresses cold corrosion by distributing the additives in the lubricant film in intervals  adapted to the current need

By applying regular laboratory and on-board analysis of piston underside drain oil samples, lubricant consumption can be reduced to the minimum possible considering the operating conditions.

Easy, understandable documentation for engine operation provides guidance for the correct choice of cylinder lubricant for gas, distillate and residual fuels as well as for safe and economic maintenance intervals which are either time-dependent or condition-based.