Product Features

WiDE is a decision support solution and consists of two components, the data collection and monitoring unit  and the engine diagnostic system software.

Engine Diagnostic
WiDE uses advance proprietary algorithms and machine learning to translate harvested data into proactive recommendations. The engine’s digital twin is at the core of WiDE.

WiDE Online
WiDE data is available on a dedicated online platform – WiDE Online. This provides a clear view of current engine status, including engine speed and performance, subsystems state and faults identified.

Components monitored
The following engine components are monitored and analysed by WiDE:

  • Fuel injection system
  • Exhaust valve gas system
  • Piston running behaviour
  • Scavenge air system
  • Turbocharger
  • Engine control automation system
  • Gas admission system (for LNG-fuelled engines) 

Case study: WiDE and WinGD customer support

For more information on WiDE, download our full WiDE brochure here