Environmental Benefits

WinGD offers a better alternative in a world of stringent emission targets. Using benchmark, low-pressure technology offers compliance capabilities and viable solutions for new regulations.

Smokeless gas operation at all running speeds. Achieving this, without additional exhaust gas after treatment systems, reduces engineering complexity as well as emissions across the board.

The pre-chamber technology and design for the gas admission valve in X-DF engines offers the highest level of combustion stability and reduced emissions, well below IMO Tier III level.

X-DF technology is applicable on a variety of vessel types, including LNG carriers, chemical tankers, container ships and vessels operating worldwide including in Emission Control Areas (Baltic Sea, coasts of North America, Gulf of Mexico). In the marine business, the low-pressure X-DF solution is an attractive alternative for companies looking for environmentally sustainable propulsion solutions.

The X-DF-ready concept, available on WinGD portfolio engines, makes the conversion of low-speed diesel to LNG possible. Retrofitting can be combined with planned maintenance, during a standard docking period.

Example of emission reduction obtained by switching to gas