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Fuel Flexibility

It's time to get ready

On the path to decarbonisation, we are here to help you get ready for future fuels – and for future fuel efficiency.

With a growing range of safe, reliable and future-ready power solutions – and a range of energy optimisation options - WinGD can secure your fleet’s compliance today and help you reach your sustainability goals.

The road towards 2050

Future fuel engines


Whether you are planning your future fleet or plotting an upgrade path for existing vessels, our engines will ensure your vessels are future-fuel ready. All WinGD engines in service today are built ready for conversion to LNG, carbon-neutral methane, methanol and ammonia. 

By 2025, we will be ready to offer methanol and ammonia fuelled engines, as well as conversions allowing diesel X-engines and dual-fuel X-DF engines to use these fuels. X-DF engines can already use carbon-neutral synthetic or bio-methane without modification.

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Future fuel efficiency

Net-zero carbon fuels are just one part of decarbonisation. Engines in service can already meet mid-term emissions targets with digital optimisation and hybrid power integration. And new vessels will be able to run more efficiently with these technologies that cut fuel consumption. 

WinGD has developed a range of tailored hybrid integration and digital optimisation solutions to help our engine users achieve efficiency gains, offering further flexibility on the path to zero emissions

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Designing a flexible, fuel-efficient future

WinGD’s heritage of engine innovation equips us to push the boundaries of engineering to develop safe, sustainable and efficient technologies to address shipping’s decarbonisation. 

As well as building fuel-flexible engines we create solutions and lead industry projects to make current engine designs more fuel-efficient and more environmentally sustainable. 
Recent examples include iCER, cutting methane slip from X-DF engines using LNG by 50%, and integrated Selective Catalytic Reduction, offering a compact on-engine solution to comply with NOx emission limits.

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The future is closer than you think

The ‘drop-in’ capability of certain viable alternative fuels means the engine technology is ready. Further enhancements will then achieve the most efficient economic and environmental performance, whatever your choice of fuel and combustion system.

X-DF Engines

The X-DF engine can already run on carbon-neutral fuels including biogas or synthetic LNG.

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X-Engines are powered by liquid fuels, ready for the emerging carbon-neutral or zero-carbon candidates, including bio-diesel and alcohol fuels.

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Are you ready for what comes next?

“WinGD’s in-depth study into net carbon fuels (X-Fuels), combined with significant field experience through our dual-fuel X-DF engines and X-series diesel engines, means that WinGD is prepared to ensure safe and efficient operation with whichever fuels our customers choose on their path to lower emission sailing.” 

The people shaping the future

Dominik Schneiter

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of WinGD, Dominik leads our mission of driving innovation to deliver sustainable power solutions to our customers. Together with the Executive Management Team, he works to define and implement the strategic goals of the company, partnering with our customers while we navigate the challenges of the energy transition in shipping. As a champion for clean energy, Dominik’s leadership ensures WinGD remains at the forefront of the industry's transition towards a sustainable future. Dominik represents WinGD to our shareholder and our board of directors.

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