Engine Performance

All X-engines have been designed with an electronically-
controlled common-rail system that was based on and improved 
from the common-rail system of the RT-flex engines, the market 
leader in electronically controlled low-speed marine engines.

In combination with the optimised thermodynamic process and the adoptive engine parameter setting concept, the common-rail system provides superior engine performance. 

The exceptional efficiency of the fuel injection components (high-pressure fuel pumps and ICUs or injectors) significantly contributes to the low fuel consumption of the whole engine.The system allows individual cylinder injectors to be switched off, optimising the operating injectors’ atomization characteristics according to the available air and fuel 

Common-rail technology provides great flexibility in the engine setting for lower fuel consumption, lower minimum running speeds, smokeless operation at all running speeds and better control of exhaust emissions. The excellent regulation of the engine’s operational performance provided by the flex system also results in good manoeuvring 
capabilities and the lowest possible operating speeds, for example, during canal transit and port entrance.

The X-engines’ common-rail technology plays a key role in enabling ship owners to meet the challenges of higher fuel costs.

Engine Tuning

An important feature of the X-engines is the high operational flexibility. X-engines can be optimised for low, partial or high load operation.

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Steam Production Control.

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Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)

WHR is an effective technology for simultaneously cutting exhaust gas emissions and reducing fuel consumption.

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