The global merchant marine industry must continually address increasing pressure through emission legislation, high operating costs, improved safety regulations and ongoing overcapacity leading to ever-tighter profit margins.

WinGD has responded to this situation by introducing the low-pressure, dual-fuel X-DF engines, Generation X engines and RT-flex engines. Featuring electronic control, common-rail technology, these engines provide optimal, efficient and flexible propulsion  solutions for the different ship segments.

Final engine choice is dependent on ship specification, investment  and operating cost evaluation and preferred engine configuration. Download our full engine portfolio here: WinGD Engine Booklet.

Engine Types

X-DF dual-fuel or diesel powered, WinGD low-speed engines are the optimal propulsion solution for deep-sea merchant vessels with direct-driven propellers. Learn more about our full engine portfolio here.

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Vessel Types

WinGD engines are used for the propulsion power of all types of merchant, deep-sea vessels, worldwide. Choose your vessel type here and we'll show you the engine choices best suited for your needs.

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Engine Technology

Research, design and state-of-the-art testing go into our engine technology. Simple, innovative solutions with proven, reliable performance are the result. Learn about our engine technologies here.

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Our Engine History

Our engine history originated with the Sulzer Corporation, dating back to 1898 and the design of the very first diesel engine. We've come a long way since then. Read more about it here.

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