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For engine maintenance support and service, our authorised global service partners provide worldwide support.

Covering spare parts, field service, workshop reconditioning service, maintenance agreements, technical support and engine upgrade solutions.

WinGD & Wärtsilä Services renewed their Service Partnership Agreement in January of 2018 for all low-speed diesel and dual-fuel engines. Under this agreement all suppliers of any parts for WinDG two-stroke engines (irrespective of the brand Sulzer, Wärtsilä, WinGD) are entitled – without limitations - to supply  parts directly to all WinGD Engine Manufacturers, Service Partners or WinGD itself.

A copy of the letter to suppliers regarding this agrement can be viewed here.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

Wärtsilä Services Switzerland Ltd. 
24/7 operational support

For questions regarding operational issues please call or contact:

Phone: +41 52 550 01 11
E-mail: technicalsupport.chts@wartsila.com


Wärtsilä spare parts

If you need Wärtsilä spare parts and/or tools, please contact your nearest Wärtsilä representative or your key account manager.