Our engine design history dates back to the late 1800s. With a history as long as ours comes a responsibility to look ahead to our future. To a future with sustainable oceans,  clean air, thriving ecosystems.

We have a role to play in shaping that future. In order for our technology to remain relevant our R&D efforts are focused on green propulsion; finding solutions which reduce the impact of our industry on the environment. 

With the introduction of WinGD X-DF dual fuel engines we have set a new standard in environmentally sustainable propulsion. X-DF engines operated on natural gas are compliant with Tier-III NOx emissions limits without exhaust gas after-treatment systems. Outside of NOx emission control areas (NECAs), X-DF engines continue to operate with Tier-III compliance, whereas with competitor engines the exhaust after treatment systems are switched-off. Further, the particle emissions (PM) and sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions are multiple times lower than competition because of the benefits of the low pressure gas technology.

In order to ensure lowest emissions and best fuel efficiency not only during trials but also over an engine’s lifetime, WinGD have introduced WiDE (WinGD Digital Integrated Expert) that helps the operator to monitor and optimize important engine parameters and to plan maintenance at the right time.

We choose to be the difference that our environment needs. It's the smart choice. 



WinGD's 12X92DF most powerful dual-fuel engine.

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