World Record 12X92DF

Our 12X92DF, the largest 92 cm bore, 12-cylinder low-pressure, low-speed LNG fuelled X92DF engine has gained the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM title as the most powerful marine IC engine (Otto-cycle) commercially available.

The engine was chosen to power CMA CGM’s nine state-of-the-art mega containerships, carrying goods between Asia and Europe as the world’s first and largest 23,000 TEU LNG-powered containership. The engine boasts an impressive power output rated 63,840 kW at 80 rpm and its performance measures a thermal efficiency of 51-53%, depending on the selected rating point, in the relevant load range of 60-90%.

Click here for our video of the remarkable feat of building the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS most powerful dual-fuel engine in the world.

Images used with permission from CMA CGM

LNG is the best solution today for preserving air quality and represents a significant commitment to accelerating the energy transition of the shipping industry. Our X92DF engines offer the most sustainable emissions footprint currently available, outperforming expectations for NOx, SOx and PM emissions and with CO2 levels over 20% lower than typical diesel engines. With its unique combination of Otto (lean burn) and Diesel cycle technology these engines can adapt for any of the potential sustainable fuels of the future making them a secure asset for a long time to come. Like other engines in the X-DF range it is ready for use, with no modifications required, once carbon-neutral fuels including methane produced from biomass or renewable electricity become available.

Images used with permission from CMA CGM

The X-DF has been the best-selling dual-fuel low-speed engine technology in the maritime market since the second half of 2017. As well as the first gas-fuelled ULCSs, Our low-pressure X-DF technology also powers the first LNG-fuelled Aframax shuttle tankers with VOC recovery and very large crude oil carriers. 

Click here to watch a detailed video of the building the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS most powerful dual-fuel engine in the world.

Images used with permission from CMA CGM

We also work in close cooperation with Shipowners like CMA CGM to provide training for crew, supplying 3D training simulators that can simulate all the engine functionalities and the engine room operations including fires and blackouts.  Once the vessels set sail, our team of remote experts remain close at hand to monitor engine performance and to connect crew  with an expert to troubleshoot, if required.

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