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WinGD training courses are conducted by professional, STCW-95 certified instructors to improve the technical and operational skills of marine engineers and office personnel. With a deeper understanding of the engine and its applied technologies, engine operators will be able to enhance the performance of the engine by increasing its efficiency and reliability, by reducing maintenance costs and by lowering emission levels.

Experienced trainers explain the theory and functionality of RT-flex, Generation X and the newest low-pressure dual-fuel X-DF engines using conventional training materials in the classroom and  the modern W-Xpert engine simulation software.

During advanced operational trainings, with the help of W-Xpert Full Mission Engine Room Simulators (FMS), trainers will guide participants through operational aspects of the main engines as well as demonstrate certain procedures and troubleshooting routines.

The Full Mission Simulators (FMS) allow training of engine crew as one team to deal not only with WinGD two-stroke engines, but also with all engine room systems. This is one of the unique features of Training@ WinGD, “Simply a better different”.

Specialised courses offer a high level of engine training. They are designed to improve the understanding of the engines and highlight dedicated topics, like WinGD engine performance optimisation, piston running theory or Engine Control Systems. Courses are given by STCW-95 certified and experienced Technical Experts.

In addition to the W-Xpert and the FMS, in some locations, courses offer exercises on selected engine components and real hardware including hardware control system simulators.



The W-Xpert Engine Room Simulator is a simulation software introducing WinGD solutions for merchant marine propulsion in an intuitive, attractive, efficient and easy to learn way.

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Full Mission Simulator

The Training Centres in Busan, Shanghai and Athens are equipped with state-of-the-art Full Mission Engine Room Simulators.

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