Our People

Our people are at the heart of our engines. Their passion for innovation and sustainability drive our success. 

WinGD's leadership team provides a broad base of experience and knowledge to our organization. With exceptional knowledge of the marine propulsion industry, environmental standards and government regulations, the team at the helm have the knowledge and skills to keep our ship on course.

Executive Board

Klaus Heim

Chief Executive Officer

Klaus Heim joins WinGD from OMT in Turin, Italy where he served as Chief Technical Officer. He has over 25 years of experience in the large engine industry, in a variety of senior roles including Vice President Technology two-stroke and Vice President Global Research & Development at Wärtsilä from 2004 - 2010. He brings a wealth of technical understanding and managerial expertise to the role as well as a thorough understanding of the diversity of business cultures in our industry. President of CIMAC, the International Council on Combustion Engines since 2016.

Rolf Stiefel

Vice President Sales

Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. since 2004; Wärtsilä Deutschland, 1997-2000; Cerestar Deutschland GmbH, 1995-1997.


Rolf Stiefel was born in 1965 in Germany. He has a Master of Industrial Engineering from Hamburg Technical University. After graduation and spent some years in the process Industry, he joined Wärtsilä as General Manager of Power Plant business unit in Germany in 1997. Since 2001, Rolf has been working in various positions as Director Sales in the Ship Power business unit in Wärtsilä Europe and Asia. Later, he was leading the global sales and application team of the low-speed engine business. In 2015 Rolf became the Vice President, Sales & Marketing in Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (WinGD), formerly Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd. WinGD is continuing the low-speed marine engines business.


Rolf presently oversees the Sales and Business Development activities within WinGD. He frequently travels to our global office locations to connect with our customers and employees.

Dominik Schneiter

Vice President Research & Development

Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. since 2012; Qingdao Marine Diesel, 2008-2012; New Sulzer Diesel, 1992-1996; Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd. 1997-2008.



Dominik oversees the largest team at WinGD, our Research and Development Team. The activities of the department are focused on the development of leading technologies for application on a new generation of low-speed engines. In addressing the future challenges of tightening emission regulations and requirements for alternative fuels, WinGD seeks to achieve the best possible economic and environmental performance for its customers.


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A career with WinGD is a rewarding and challenging experience. Inspired to innovate, collaborate and think beyond boundaries, we are surrounded by brilliant minds and passionate people.

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