Digital Solutions

WinGD recognises that data is invaluable. It forms the foundation and the starting point for a new value-creation process. Digital technologies offer new opportunities to operate the ship and its machinery more efficiently, and to manage the fleet in an optimised way. Providing ship owners and operators with full awareness of their ships’ operating condition, allows the necessary control needed to optimise their asset and their fleet operations.

WinGD Integrated Digital Expert (WiDE)

WiDE is a comprehensive, integrated system for creating value from engine and ship data. It enhances the operational efficiency and crew decision-making processes related to the engine and ship operations.

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Digital Training Solutions

With a deeper understanding of the engine and its applied technologies, engine operators will be able to enhance the performance of the engine by increasing its efficiency and reliability, by reducing maintenance costs and by lowering emission levels.

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WinGD joined the Shipdex™ Maintenance Group in 2017, to support, guide and develop this industry documentation standard, and is preparing Shipdex™ compliant engine documentation.

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