Environmental Technologies

To remain relevant and vital, our technology must keep a greener future in mind. That is why much of our R&D efforts are focused on green propulsion; finding solutions which reduce the impact of our industry on our climate. 

Switching from liquid to gas fuel is a viable solution for addressing both IMO Tier III NOx standards and requirements for SOx. However, when considering liquid fuels only, various options need to be taken into account, combining the individual solutions to control the two key pollutants SOx and NOx.

Choosing the right solution needs to be based on the ship’s design and the operator’s requirements.

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Today's regulations have a significant impact on vessel operational costs.

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Tier III

Compliance of WinGD engines with IMO Tier III requirements

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Global Sulphur Cap 2020

Compliance of WinGD engines with Global Sulphur Cap 2020

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