X-DF Dual-Fuel Design

A proven and reliable engine platform for fuel flexible vessels 

WinGD is a pioneer in modern dual-fuel technology for two-stroke marine engines, with LNG fueled engines in operation since 2016. The well-established X-DF engines series offers a range of benefits over other dual-fuel engine concepts. Already matured into its second generation, X-DF2.0 offers a viable and proven step today towards meeting the long-term climate ambitions of ship owners, regulators and society.

As shipping looks to new carbon-neutral and zero-carbon fuels, WinGD is expanding its X-DF portfolio to include ammonia and methanol engines, blending the proven dual-fuel expertise with the Diesel Cycle performance and reliability of WinGD’s X-Engines. 

X-DF for LNG

Using WinGD’s dual-fuel X-DF engines gives operators flexibility in reducing emissions. Fossil LNG offers an immediate 15-20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. By blending or replacing fossil LNG with carbon-neutral synthetic or bio-LNG, operators can reduce their emissions further without modification.

The low-cost, highly efficient and reliable fuel injection concept used by WinGD’s dual-fuel LNG engines offers several advantages over other dual-fuel engine concepts:

  • Simple installation, low-cost auxiliary systems and low power consumption contribute to lower investment and life cycle costs
  • Extremely small pilot fuel quantity, below 1% of total heat release
  • Engines can be operated on gas down to very low loads
  • Low NOx emissions, close to zero SOx emissions and IMO Tier III compliance without exhaust-gas after-treatment
  • Particulate matter emissions significantly reduced.

X-DF for ammonia and methanol

X-DF-M methanol-fueled engines and X-DF-A ammonia-fueled engines will be available for newbuild vessels from 2025. The new engines will run on the high-pressure Diesel cycle, with WinGD’s X92-B engine providing a well-proven and highly efficient base design on which to build new fuel capability. 

Following their launch, retrofit packages will be available for all X and X-DF engines currently in service.


Gas technology

Find out more about the simple gas supply system that our X-DF technology uses, to reduce system complexity and auxiliary power consumption.

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Environmental benefits

In a world of stringent emission targets, WinGD offers a smarter perspective. Find out more about the benefits of using benchmark, low-pressure technology to offer compliance capabilities and viable solutions for new regulations.

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WinGD's 12X92DF most powerful dual-fuel engine.

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