WinGD Xpert

The WinGD Xpert Engine Room Simulator is a simulation software introducing WinGD solutions for merchant marine propulsion in an intuitive, attractive, efficient and easy to learn way.

A  powerful training software tool that enables ship owners and operators to remain flexible with their crews and competitive in the demanding and constantly changing marine business. The simulator is designed to train marine engineers and maritime academy students, and can be used by various types of marine training centres.

All WinGD Xpert simulators comply with the STCW Code Section A-1/12 and Section B-1/12 and ISM Code Section 6 and Section 8. Due to its low demand on computer performance, the  WinGD Xpert simulation software can be installed and operated on any Windows based PC or laptop, and can be displayed on one or two monitors or projectors.

The WinGD Xpert SW can be used for self-learning on-board, in the office, or any location where only standard off-the-shelf computers are available. The main purpose of the WinGD Xpert simulator is to prepare trainees for actual engine room operations, more specifically:

  • Familiarisation with the particular engine type, including the Engine Control System features and Operator’s Interface
  • Familiarisation with a generic engine room installation (electric power plant systems, compressed air systems, fresh and sea water cooling systems, lubricating and fuel oil systems, etc.) and how the installation affects operation of the main engine.

The WinGD Xpert software contains high-fidelity simulations of an engine’s thermodynamics. Its performance is based on mathematical modelling and is calibrated according to actual products. It deploys the proprietary, top of the range, 3D graphical visualisation, seamless transitions between 2D diagrams and 3D objects, and realistic sounds. The simulator provides a 3D model of an engine room with generic lay-out features to give a realistic, hands-on like experience of the onboard environment.