Engine Tunings

An important feature of the X-engines is the high operational flexibility. This is possible through the common-rail fuel system and the availability of different engine tunings to provide flexibility in the performance parameters.

These tuning options, with X-engines, enable specific needs to be met, such as IMO Tier II compliance and optimal performance for various operational profiles, like slow steaming, low load, partial load, and steam requirements.

Available engine tunings 
X-engines can be optimised for low, partial or high load operation. The following tuning options can be selected:

Delta Bypass Tuning part-load tuning with a lower BSFC below 50% engine load1, IMO Tier II compliant, optimised for increasing steam production above 50% engine load, and 
reduced fuel consumption below 50% engine load.

Low-load Tuning IMO Tier II compliant, optimised for engine loads below 75%.

Turbocharger (TC) cut off (option) Where applicable, X-engines with a multi-turbocharger configuration can be equipped with a TC cut off option that significantly reduces the engine’s fuel consumption at low loads. The TC cut off option is designed for slow steaming operation and is customised on demand.

Dual Tuning can be selected when a special operating profile is required. All X-engines can be built and certified with two different tuning combinations.

For example, typical applications include Delta Bypass Tuning (DBT) and Low-load Tuning (LLT). These engine tuning options provide customers with benefits in terms of specific fuel consumption and improved exhaust gas flow and temperatures.

The engine’s NOx certification is carried out with individual Technical Files and EIAPP certificates for each tuning. Thus, NOx emissions on the test bed need to be measured for both tunings.