iSCR - Integrated Selective Catalytic Reduction

Introducing on-engine NOx abatement with iSCR

For vessels using aftertreatment to comply with NOx limits, a simple installation is key to unlocking advantages to both ship construction and operation. Integrated selective catalytic reduction (iSCR), the first on-engine NOx abatement solution for two-stroke marine engines, reduces the complexity of installing and commissioning.

Aftertreatment installation

Several factors need to be considered when integrating NOx abatement technologies into the vessel’s engine system, including:

  • Space demands in the engine room and/or funnel;
  • Special requirements for piping (safety considerations and extra space);
  • Multiple systems, controls and interfaces, often from different suppliers;
  • The combined engine and aftertreatment system can only be tested once it has been installed and connected.

An on-engine solution

WinGD’s iSCR can be applied on small- to medium-bore engines with one turbocharger, running on compliant low-sulphur fuels.

By integrating a high-pressure SCR unit onto the engine itself, iSCR offers the same proven NOx reduction capability with several other benefits:

  •  A single combined engine and SCR unit is easier to install;
  • Space needed for piping and other connections is minimised;
  • NOx aftertreatment does not add to the engine room footprint;
  • SCR controls are fully integrated into the engine control system;
  • The combined system can be factory tested, simplifying commissioning.

The result

Deploying an X-Engine with iSCR enables Tier III NOx compliance in a simple package that minimises the space needed in the engine room as well as providing significant savings in footprint and weight. For a 52cm bore engine, integrating SCR can reduce combined weight by more than a third.

WinGD has designed iSCR with a simplified maintenance concept for the catalyst and other elements, enabling crew to reduce the time spent looking after the system.

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