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WinGD's low-speed engines are helping to set new market standards. With built-in flexibility in engine specifications, shipyards and ship owners are able to adapt engine performance to specifically meet the intended operational requirements.

The changing supply and demand situation, varying fuel prices, alternative fuel choices, and new emission regulations give an advantage to flexible vessel and propulsion designs able to be reconfigured for optimum performance according to any and all conditions.

For engine selection and more information about the engine performance, please download General Technical Data (GTD) program.


Tankers currently represent 27% of the world’s merchant fleet larger than 2000 GT.


Container vessels form 19% of the world’s merchant fleet and are a vital element within the transportation infrastructure.


Today, bulk carriers make up 39% of the world’s merchant fleet.


General cargo vessels represent 10% of the world’s merchant fleet.


Dual-fuel engine technology and electric propulsion systems have produced a significantly beneficial LNG carrier machinery solution.

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