WinGD Expert Talk Greece 2024

WinGD experts recently shared the latest advancements in sustainable marine propulsion technologies at a gathering hosted at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation in Kallithea, Greece. The event delved into several key themes: 

- X-DF2.0 for LNG advancements
- X-DF-A Ammonia engines and X-DF-M Methanol engines
- Exploring Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) technology
- Discussing Electrification & hybrid solutions - X-EL
- Presenting the WiDE digitalisation capabilities

Volkmar Galke, Director of Sales, offered insights into market trends, noting LNG's prominence in the X-DF dual fuel segment, particularly in LNG carriers, with containerships closely trailing. Galke also highlighted that X-DF-A engines will be LPG ready and convertible by 2027.

Marcel Ott, GM Application Engineering, elaborated on the latest X-DF-2.0 and introduced iCER technology, focusing on intelligent exhaust recycling control. Ott also discussed VCR technology, underlining its impact on engine thermal efficiency and the substantial reduction in methane slip observed during performance tests. He emphasized the benefits of VCR, including greenhouse gas reduction and operational cost savings. 

Adrian Siegfried, GM Customer Support, shared insights into the growing service experience with X-DF engines. Carmelo Cartalemi, GM Global Sales, addressed X-DF-A ammonia engines and X-DF-M methanol engines. Stefan Goranov, GM Sustainability Solutions, delved into X-EL & hybrid solutions, while Alex Veveakis, Manager Customer Support, explained the WiDE concept—a comprehensive system leveraging engine and ship data to generate value.

Stella Tomazou, Managing Director of Technava, wrapped up the event by underscoring WinGD's pivotal role in the shipping industry's energy transition through innovation and responsibility. Technava, with a a long history of collaboration with WinGD, supports customers in their decarbonisation journey by representing approximately 100 manufacturers in the Greek shipping industry, with a focus on research and development.