The reliable choice to power the world’s largest vessels

WinGD’s X92 bore size engines are now powering some of the largest container vessels in the world with the fuel flexibility today of both LNG and traditional diesel and future fuel compatibility built in.  

The newest addition to join the ranks on the World’s Largest Container vessel list is Evergreen’s Ever Ace with an astounding capacity of 24,000 TEU. The ship, built by Samsung Heavy Industries, made quiet history last month as it successfully crossed the Suez Canal without challenge. Evergreen chose WinGD’s 11X92-B, built by Hyundai Heavy Industries for this incredible vessel due to its reliability, unrivalled fuel efficiency and power.  

Image copyright Evergreen

As the global demand for goods continues to rise, shipowners are looking to optimize efficiency and reliability to meet the market demand. The choice of WinGD’s large bore X92 bore size engines for these new ships is recognition from shipowners that WinGD technology is providing the reliability, energy efficiency and low emission profile they require.  

The X92-B is the largest and most powerful two-stroke engine in WinGD’s portfolio and provides the best propulsion efficiency for modern large and ultra large container vessels due to optimal cylinder power, shaft speed and stroke to bore ratio. It is available in 6- to 12-cylinder configurations covering a power range from 24,420-77,400kW. The X92-B base technology forms part of the unique Diesel & Otto cycle combination that provides the liquid and gas fuel flexibility of the X92DF. 

“The demand on global trade has proven to be strong, growing even stronger through the global pandemic. Shipowners today must promise to not only deliver their goods on time but also in the most sustainable way possible. The efficiencies of these large-bore engines provide significant benefits which make them the clear choice as the way forward.” WinGD’s Executive Director, Sales, Volkmar Galke. 

This same large-bore engine in the Otto-cycle dual-fuel version also powers CMA CGM’s ground-breaking series of nine gas-fuelled 23,000 TEU vessels, the largest LNG fuelled container vessels in the world. Demand for LNG-fuelled large-bore engines has increased as shipowners seek to reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs.  

The investment in WinGD’s proven propulsion technology offers the future fuel flexibility needed to be confident in the longevity of the vessel.