LNG As Fuel

Making green propulsion a reality.

 With growing legislation for cleaner marine propulsion, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is fast becoming the green fuel of choice.

Less carbon, no sulphur and less costly than Marine Gas Oils, LNG is causing ship owners to take notice.

Through the collaborative expertise of GTT, Wärtsilä & WinGD, owners have access to the technology, innovation and global support needed to make LNG a truly viable option – delivering a streamlined route to compliance that’s effective and efficient while significantly reducing exposure to risk.

To read more about this important collaboration, download the press release.

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WinGD's engine design history dates back to the late 1800s. With a history as long as ours comes a responsibility to look ahead to our future. To a future with sustainable oceans,  clean air, thriving ecosystems.

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