Integrated Gas Pressure Regulation (iGPR)

WinGD’s new integrated gas pressure regulation system incorporates the full function of the external gas pressure regulation system into every new X-DF engine.

The iGPR system has been developed to simplify the engine gas regulation system now fully integrated within the engine and controlled by the engine control system.

iGPR components include:

  • Control valve for accurate adjustment of the gas pressure during gas admission 
  • Gas filter and flow metre 
  • Automatic valves for venting and inverting of the gas manifold 
  • Electrical control unit with a local panel.

All elements feature double wall execution and fulfil the requirements of marine classification societies and meet IMO SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) standards.

In the event of a gas trip initiated by the safety system, all venting valves are automatically opened. Inert gas is then supplied to the iGPR, and the fuel gas system is purged of gas. Manual activation of the valves is available for fuel gas system maintenance.

The ventilation piping on the iGPR complies to the IGC/IGF Code for ventilation systems. The annular space in the double-wall piping is ventilated by suction pressure created by a ventilation fan, which is to be installed in a safe area outside the engine room. Its suction side is connected to the annular space on plant side, just before the engine inlet. 

One ventilation air inlet to the annular space is located on the engine. The second ventilation air inlet is located in a safe area at the other end of the gas supply double-wall pipe outside the engine room. 

By such arrangement, the ventilation air is taken from both inlets and led through the annular space of the double wall pipe.

Benefits of the iGPR include:

  • Reduced space required in the engine room
  • Reduced installation work for the shipyard
  • Flexible installation position of gas supply line venting, e.g. outside of the engine room
  • Simplified system control by direct engine internal communication
  • Reduced annular space volume allowing significantly smaller venting fan

The advantages of the iGPR system provide clear overall cost savings, simplified commissioning and maintenance.