WinGD 24x7 Support

Emergency support around the clock with WinGD 24x7


Ship operators using WinGD engines can now benefit from 24-hour emergency assistance from our dedicated team of experts. The WinGD 24x7 hotline provides a direct link between vessels and WinGD support centers  to help onboard crew return vessels to regular operation.

The service is supported by data analytics from the WiDE monitoring package which is standard for all WinGD engines during their initial warranty period and available by subscription after warranty. Combined with the unique expertise of our hotline team, WiDE provides the insight needed to guide crews to a safe and rapid resolution.

The robust connectivity of WiDE means that our team can respond instantly wherever the vessel is, tracking the issue and arranging local support if it cannot be resolved remotely.

Remote support is provided from WiDE centers in Switzerland and South Korea. The seamless technology and systems required to deliver a 24-hour service are provided in partnership with leading telecommunications provider Swisscom.

Provide the WinGD 24x7 contact information to your onboard engineers for immediate peace of mind. 

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