12X92DF wins Marine Engine of the Year Award

WinGD is honored to announce that the groundbreaking 12X92DF engine has received the highly acclaimed Marine Engine of the Year award at the Annual Marine Propulsion Decarbonisation Awards 2023 held in Amsterdam on the 26th of September. This award underscores WinGD's commitment to pioneering technology, high performance, and excellence in the marine engine sector.

The Marine Engine of the Year award is bestowed upon engines that showcase exceptional quality, state-of-the-art technology, and exceptional performance. The 12X92DF is an engine that has established new standards in power, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. 

First built in 2019, the 12X92DF engine now holds the title: "Most powerful marine internal combustion engine (otto cycle) commercially available". The 2,140-tonne unit generated power of 63,840 kW at a speed of 80 rpm. 

Engineered to address the demands of the maritime industry, the 12X92DF, designed for modern large and ultra large container vessels offers a propulsion solution capable to run efficiently, effectively and safely on gas - on top of conventional heavy fuel oil or diesel oil. 

This award is a testament to the collective effort and dedication of our entire team at WinGD, and it fuels our determination to remain focused in our mission to continue leading the way towards a more sustainable future.