WinGD wins another system integration customer with K-LINE duo

08 September 2022

Swiss marine power company WinGD has signed a deal with Japanese shipowner K-LINE to integrate energy systems on two new 7,000 units pure car and truck carriers (PCTC). The vessels will feature WinGD X62DF-2.1 engines coupled with shaft generators – a configuration designed and integrated by WinGD - with energy use optimised by WinGD’s X-EL energy management system.

By using the smart X-EL energy management system developed by WinGD, the K-LINE vessels will be able to optimise energy efficiency in real time across several modes of operation. In one example, power generated through the shaft generators will be used to precisely control the engine load while using LNG, meaning the vessels will not have to switch to diesel for sudden increases in engine load.

K-LINE has anticipated that the two vessels will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a greenhouse gas (GHG), by 25% to 30% compared to the previous generation of vessels using heavy fuel oil when they enter service in 2024.

K-LINE said: “WinGD’s X-EL system integration expertise and energy management solution will contribute to significant efficiency gains on our two newbuild car carriers as we work towards our target of reaching ‘’K’' LINE Environmental Vision 2050. Intelligent energy management to optimise efficiency is an important element in achieving our long-term ambition.”

Stefan Goranov, General Manager Sustainability Solutions at WinGD said: “This order for X-EL represents another significant step forward in WinGD’s commitment to supporting the energy transition within shipping. The signing with another major Japanese shipping line highlights growing confidence in our technology as well as increasing demand for integrated energy solutions as ship operators look to drive efficiency and reduce emissions across their fleets.”

The order means that two of the three biggest Japanese shipping companies have used WinGD’s X-EL service for electric-hybrid system integration. Last year NYK Line selected WinGD to integrate a battery-LNG systems on four NYK Line PCTCs. The K-LINE pair will also be built at JinLing Shipyard (Nanjing) in China, which developing strong capabilities in the delivery of hybrid-powered PCTCs.

JinLing Shipyard (Nanjing) said: “We are happy to work with WinGD once more to deliver K-LINE’s highly capable new vessels. X-EL brings a robust energy system design with a tailored energy management system, backed by their in-depth engine expertise. This kind of integration capability is becoming important as more shipowners consider building hybrid vessels.”

WinGD’s X-EL battery-hybrid power integration brings two-stroke marine engine control into the electrified vessel power system for the first time. WinGD has developed proprietary expertise and digital tools to simulate, design and deploy the entire vessel powertrain, incorporating in-line shaft generators, frequency converters, thrusters and, whenever required, battery systems, integrated with the main engine.

The overall power configuration is controlled by a holistic energy management system, X-EL, that offers dynamic optimisation to real-time vessel operating conditions, interacting with WinGD Integrated Digital Expert (WIDE) to incorporate detailed engine insights into energy management.


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WinGD in brief

WinGD advances the decarbonisation of marine transportation through sustainable energy systems using the most advanced technologies in emissions reduction, fuel efficiency, hybridisation and digital optimisation. With their two-stroke low-speed engines at the heart of the power equation, WinGD sets the industry standard for reliability, safety, efficiency and environmental design, backed by a global network of service and support. Headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland since its origin as the Sulzer Diesel Engine business in 1893, today it is powering the transformation to a sustainable future.

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