WinGD committed to further development of green technology in shipping

05 February 2021

Representatives from both WinGD and DSIC (Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company) joined from remote locations in Switzerland and China to take part in the signing of a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. 

The agreement marks a strong commitment from both WinGD & DSIC to further develop green technology in shipping as we move towards a zero-carbon future. Together, WinGD and DSIC are well positioned through combined expertise to gain a competitive advantage in the market, by aligning ship and engine design from the very early stages of development. DSIC, with their focus on building green-technology-ships looks to WinGD to be a strong partner in delivering future fuel flexibility including ammonia ready ships. 

Dominik Schneiter, VP R&D signed the agreement on behalf of WinGD while Mr. Zheng Wei, VP & Chief Engineer, signed for DSIC. An agreement of this nature would typically be signed in a ceremony together but due to the global pandemic, the virtual ceremony was the best way forward. Both side expressed a wish to gather together in person as soon as it was safe to do so in order to further accelerate this important collaboration.

WinGD and DSIC are both members of the CSSC family of companies. This agreement is an important strategic step for WinGD as we work to strengthen the synergies that exist within the group.

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