WinGD and Enamor develop advanced data collection and monitoring platform

02 October 2017

Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) has added a further building block in its strategy to lead the engine industry in accessing the full benefits of digitalisation for the operation and management of its low-speed diesel and dual-fuel engines.

In mid-2017, WinGD signed an agreement with marine automation, navigation and communication specialist Enamor Ltd of Gdynia, Poland, formalising an existing collaboration covering the development of sophisticated data collection and monitoring (DCM) platform for engines and associated onboard systems. The collaboration has now borne fruit with the first version of the new DCM hardware with monitoring software being ready for commercial applications. Among its features, the platform is closely tailored to operating with WinGD’s engine and ship-specific software, including the advanced diagnostic software WinGD is developing with Propulsion Analytics of Piraeus, Greece, as announced in 2017.

“The collaboration with Enamor is the next step in our plan to lead innovation in the field of shipping digitalisation”, said Dominik Schneiter, Vice President of Research & Development at WinGD. “The DCM platform will provide engine owners and operators with an advanced tool aboard ships that collects, stores, visualises and post-processes all engine data, as well as relevant ship information and other machinery data. This comprehensive fund of data will be the foundation of our digital solution portfolio, enabling value-adding analyses and remote support. It is the starting point of a game-changing product that will provide optimum customer value.”

Complementing its basic computing functions, the DCM platform will also enable the reliable and secure transmission of data from ship-to-shore via encrypted communication. Ashore, the data can be analysed by the ship owner and WinGD to enhance engine and vessel operation, as well as providing a valuable input to further product and service development.

As a result, part of the WinGD-Enamor collaboration will centre on both on-board and on-shore machinery data storage and internet access to the data. “The WinGD DCM platform is the gateway to engine, ship and ship machinery data, creating an IoT (Internet of Things) network with most of the analytics done on the edge, i.e. on the vessel,” Dominik added. This platform will allow us to fully leverage the capabilities of the WinGD Engine Diagnostic System (EDS) developed with Propulsion Analytics and provide maximum benefits for our customers. The combination of EDS and DCM, enables WinGD to offer not only insights into operational parameters of vessel, main engine and other vital ship systems but also analytical tools for the ship’s crew and personnel ashore. “It will also offer WinGD as an engine developer, key insights – of the sort that have not been available thus far - for the further improvement of our products and services.”

WinGD EDS is designed to optimize engine performance, including fuel consumption, power, emissions and response. It targets the elimination of unplanned downtime by the intelligent diagnosis of the performance of sub-systems and components, as well as enabling the prediction and diagnosis of component malfunctions and on-condition maintenance, including visualisation and trending.

Enamor is equally enthusiastic about helping WinGD in its aim to lead innovation in marine engine-related digitalisation. “WinGD cares about technology, reliability and customer satisfaction. These values perfectly match with Enamor’s approach to business. Our cooperation was initiated early in 2015 and has developed gradually into the present product release and cooperation agreement. Our focus on the marine industry with remote monitoring solutions, cybersecurity, IT and engineering capabilities is the solid base of our partnership”, noted Maciej Rek, CEO of Enamor. 

Remote Data Collecting & Monitoring (DCM)

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WinGD in brief

Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (WinGD) is a leading developer of two-stroke low-speed gas and diesel engines used for propulsion power in merchant shipping. WinGD’s target is to set the industry standard for reliability, efficiency and environmental friendliness. WinGD provides designs, licences and technical support to manufacturers, shipbuilders and ship operators worldwide. The engines are sold under the WinGD brand name and are manufactured under licence in four shipbuilding countries. WinGD has its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland, where its activities were founded in 1898.


Enamor in brief

Enamor is an innovative engineering company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of Ship Performance Monitoring and Management Systems. Over 27 years company has been providing a wide range of products and services in the field of electronics, automation, IT and communications systems for maritime, aviation and defence industries. Enamor employs 80 professionals and reaches turnover of EUR 25 million per year.  It is regarded as a medium-sized enterprise. Enamor headquarter is in the Baltic modern port city of Gdynia, Poland.

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