WinGD response to global crisis

31 March 2022

WinGD continues to carefully review the sanctions against Russia and their impact on our current and ongoing projects. 

WinGD and our subsidiaries continue to remain in full compliance with the political sanctions imposed by the EU and by the Swiss government against Russia. This means that our support, globally, of all projects with sanctioned Russian end-users will continue to remain on hold. Within the sanctions scope, key activities for non-sanctioned Russian end-users also remain on hold.

These activities will remain on hold until the sanctions against Russia are lifted. Once  the sanctions are lifted, we will resume full cooperation with our partners to move the respective projects forward.

Given our close collaboration with our partners, engine builders and suppliers, we acknowledge the challenging circumstances this situation continues to impose and the impact this has on their respective projects.

We appreciate your understanding during this time.

Please reach out to our WinGD Communications Director, Anna Garcia  should you have any questions about these actions. We will do our best to provide clarity to your questions.




4 March 2022

As a company whose core business contributes to globalisation and world trade, we are both saddened and impacted by the current conflict.  The recently imposed sanctions against Russia by the EU, the UK and the US are far reaching with impact to our partners and customers.  We have a team closely monitoring the situation to ensure that we remain compliant with the sanctions.

Present activities with all companies within the sanction impacted region are temporarily on-hold. Our compassion goes out to all whose safety and wellbeing are under threat at this time.