Shipping industry prepares for a future powered by sustainable fuels – China Dialogue Ocean

China-focused environmental charity China Dialogue Ocean turned its attention to the question of clean fuel availability in an in-depth article last July. The article cited the challenges of scaling up clean fuel production to the level needed to decarbonise shipping, as well as looking at related technology and regulatory developments.

WinGD’s General Manager of Business Development Andrea Lazarro was quoted in the article in reference to the need to develop solutions for both methanol and ammonia while the industry decides on its future fuel pathway, while noting the availability challenge.

“The renewable electricity that you need to produce these fuels is staggering and it simply doesn’t exist currently,” he said. “The timeline for ramping up production is measured in decades. We are investing in both methanol and ammonia quite simply because there isn’t one pathway to decarbonisation. The market will determine which is the best fuel.”

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A Chinese translation is also available here.