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WinGD is committed to helping you reduce the environmental impact of your fleet. To do this we are pushing engineering boundaries to provide safe, sustainable and reliable propulsion solutions with future-fuel flexibility.

It’s time to get ready

Our growing portfolio offers solutions for today with technology readiness for 2025.
To achieve the necessary impact for 2050 targets the compatibility of our engine technology will align optimally with future fuels when available at the quantity and economy to be a viable marine option.

The road towards 2050

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Future fuel flexible engines

The ‘drop-in’ capability of certain viable alternative fuels means the engine technology is ready. Further enhancements will then achieve the most efficient economic and environmental performance, whatever your choice of fuel and combustion system.

X-DF Engines

The X-DF engine can already run on carbon-neutral fuels including biogas or synthetic LNG.

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X-Engines are powered by liquid fuels, ready for the emerging carbon-neutral or zero-carbon candidates, including bio-diesel and alcohol fuels.

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Are you ready for what comes next?

“WinGD’s in-depth study into net carbon fuels (X-Fuels), combined with significant field experience through our dual-fuel X-DF engines and X-series diesel engines, means that WinGD is prepared to ensure safe and efficient operation with whichever fuels our customers choose on their path to lower emission sailing.” 

The people shaping the future

Dominik Schneiter

Research and Development

Dominik oversees the largest global team at WinGD, our Research and Development Team. The activities of this department are focused on the development of innovative technologies for the next generations of low-speed engines. By providing solutions that reduce emissions, improve efficiency and prepare for future fuels, WinGD seeks to achieve the best possible environmental and economic performance for its customers.

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