The biggest two-stroke dual-fuel engine, designed for modern large and ultra large container vessels WinGD low-pressure dual-fuel technology has been developed to respond to the market requirements of providing a propulsion solution capable to run efficiently, effectively and safely on gas, on top of conventional heavy fuel oil or diesel oil.

The technology is based on the low pressure gas system concept. This system has a competitive initial investment and fulfils Tier III emission requirements without any external exhaust gas after treatment system. In brief, the technology allows a merchant two-stroke engine to simply, safely and reliably run on gas.

Available in 6-cylinder up to 12-cylinder configuration, covering a power range from 23,250 to 63,840kW at 70 to 80rpm

Further optimising the standard X-DF portfolio, WinGD now offers X-DF2.0 technology providing reductions to both fuel consumption and methane slip in gas mode. iCER – the Intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling system, is the first application of X-DF2.0.

iCER offers:

- Significant energy consumption reduction in both gas and diesel mode

- Up to 50% reduction of methane slip 

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