Designed for LNG carriers, Suezmax tankers, Panamax and Sub-Panamax containers and Capesize bulkers.

WinGD’s low-pressure dual-fuel technology is a sustainable propulsion solution that runs safely, reliably and efficiently on gas as a cleaner option over conventional heavy fuel oil or diesel oil. Further optimising the standard X-DF portfolio, WinGD now offers X-DF2.0 technology providing reductions to both fuel consumption and methane slip in gas mode.  iCER – the Intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling system, is the first application of X-DF2.0.

Benefits include:

  • Up to 3% energy consumption reduction in gas mode
  • Up to 5g/kWh fuel consumption reduction in diesel mode
  • Up to 50% reduction of methane slip.

The X72DF-2.1 fulfils Tier III emission requirements without any external exhaust gas after treatment system when operating in gas mode. 

The X72DF-2.1 is available as 5 to 7 cylinders configuration, covering a power range from 10’400 to 22’575kW at 69 to 89 rpm.

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