For small LNG carriers up to 15,000 m3

WinGD, the marine industry’s leading low speed gas engine developer, extends its offering in the low-speed dual-fuel engine series. Based on the X40-B design, the X40DF engine is now included in the portfolio.This Otto cycle engine uses natural gas as fuel, making it Tier III compliant without the need for an expensive exhaust gas cleaning process, such as a scrubber or SCR systems.

The low-emission operation provides clear environmental benefits, such as:

  • Close to zero SOx emissions
  • Very Low particle emission
  • IMO Tier III compliance of NOx emissions, without exhaust-gas after treatment

The X40DF is available in 5-cylinder up to 8-cylinder configuration, covering a power range from 2,775 to 7,480 kW at 104 to 146rpm.

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WinGD X-DF Technology

WinDG.Content.Published 10 January 2019

WinGD's X-DF dual-fuel engines, using LNG gas, admitted at low-pressure and ignited by a low volume of liquid pilot fuel. Engineered for environmental compliance, fuel efficiency, improving operational control and costs.

Basic Engine Data

Technical Information


Cylinder bore
Piston stroke
Mean effective pressure at R1
17.3 bar

Rated power, principal dimensions and weights

Output in kw at
146rpm104rpmLength A (mm)Weight (tonnes)
Output in kw at
Cyl.Length A (mm)Weight (tonnes)
Dimensions in mm
B C D E E*
2610 950 6563
F1 F2 F3 G
7986 8035 7590 1411

Brake specific consumption in gas mode

Rating point   R1 R2 R3 R4
BSEC (energy) kJ/kWh 7310 7073 7410 7173
BSGC (gas) g/kWh 145.0 140.0 147.0 142.0
BSPC (pilot fuel) g/kWh 1.4 1.7 1.4 1.7

Brake specific fuel consumption in diesel mode

Rating point   R1 R2 R3 R4
BSFC (diesel) g/kWh 189.8 187.8 189.8 187.8


Extent of delivery

Extent of Delivery (EOD)

Modified 28 May 2019


Marine Installation Manual

Installation instructions & concept guidance

Complete Package

Modified 07 May 2018

DG9709 - Instruction and Limits for Engine Alignment

Modified 28 January 2019

DG9710 - Engine Seating/Foundation Fitting Instruction

Modified 07 May 2018

DG9715 - Assembly Instruction WinGD Single Acting Hydraulic Type Stays

Modified 07 May 2018

DG9721 - Concept Guidance for Fresh Water Generation

Modified 07 May 2018

DG9722 - Flushing Instruction for Lubricating Oil System

Modified 07 May 2018

DG9723 - Concept Guidance for Operation on Distillate Fuels

Modified 07 May 2018

DG9723 - Concept Guidance Fuel Oil System

Modified 12 September 2018

DG9723 - Concept Guidance Fuel Oil Treatment

Modified 07 May 2018

DG9726 - Concept Guidance for HP SCR Installation

Modified 07 May 2018

DG9727 - DF Safety Concept

Modified 28 May 2019

DG9727 - Flushing Instruction for Gas Fuel System

Modified 28 May 2019

DG9730 - Recommended Fluid Flow Rates vs Velocities

Modified 07 May 2018


Marine Installation Drawing Set (MIDS)

DG9710 - Engine Seating & Foundation

Modified 28 May 2019

DG9710-01 - Tool Engine Alignment

Modified 28 May 2019

Engine and System Dynamics


Acceptable vibration levels and standard measurement points

Published 12 June 2019

Engine Alignment

Instructions and Limits

Guidelines for measurements

Published 03 June 2019

Operation & Maintenance

Fuel Lubricants Water

Validated Fluids for Engine Operation

Cooling Water and Additives for WinGD engines - V2

Published 04 January 2019

Diesel Fuels for WinGD engines - V2

Published 21 December 2018

Lubricants for WinGD engines - V3

Published 18 March 2019

WinGD_TIN011 IMO 2020 Operation Guideline

Published 20 May 2019

Technical Updates

Technical Information Note


Published 27 May 2019

WinGD_TIN010 X40DF_announcement

Published 13 May 2019

WinGD_TIN011 IMO 2020 Operation Guideline

Published 20 May 2019

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